Mercury Magnetics, Classic Tone, Heyboyer

Sozo, Alessandro, Mallory, JJ/Tesla, MOD, Orange Drop, Sprague Atom, F&T, Nichicon Muse

KOA Speer, Dale, Holco, Kamaya, Caddock

Neutrik, Switchcraft, Rean, Canare, Mogami, Marinco, custom teflon and silver cable

Celestion, Eminence, Fane, Jensen, Weber...




Cable and Connectors


Component Brands


It that 'grail tone' eluding you?
Is your amp breaking up too soon, or not soon enough?
Ghost notes when playing loud?
Running hot maybe?
Excessive hum and noise?

We offer various levels of upgrade to power supplies, transformers, caps, resistors, tubes and more. We use only best sounding parts, and silver solder.

Guitar Amp Mods and Upgrades

We can make your newer stock amp sing like a classic or roar like a beast!

Upgrades for any amp and most budgets

Convert your Silverface Fender to a Blackface Fender

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