Building a guitar rig can be fun and exciting, but also confusing and frustrating. Portland Pro Audio helps keep it fun and inspiring!

Tell us your needs & wants and we'll work closely with you to craft a detailed system plan and budget to accomplish building you anything from a tight little pedal board to a multi-rack monster rig. No matter the size or scope, all work is given the same detailed attention and expertise

Signal path...
Maintaining the integrity of your instruments signal is the highest priority.

Upgrades to existing or new equipment giving you the most out of what your gear has to offer

Meticulous crafting and integration of all parts of the system, creating a solid, super dependable rig for any scenario.

All parts and materials in our systems are of the highest quality and meet or exceed military specifications, but ultimately all parts selection is based on sonic integrity.

Physical layout...
Ease of use, comfortability, viability and confidant tactile response from switches and pedals.

Blackface Bassman

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